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December 24, 2018
Category: Foot Conditions
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Ingrown toenails can cause discomfort and be painful. They can even lead to the development of an infection. If you have developed an ingrown toenail, Roche Podiatry Group can help. Several options are available for treating your ingrown toenails. It is especially importantIngrown Toenail to seek treatment if an infection has developed. At Roche Podiatry Group, Dr. Daniel Roche is your Edison podiatrist for the treatment of ingrown toenails.

What are Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails tend to develop on the big toes most often, but it is possible for them to develop on any of the toes. They occur when the sides of a toenail grow too close to the skin so that the nail ends up pressing against the skin. When the nail constantly presses against the skin, redness, swelling, discomfort, and pain can all occur.

Several factors can cause a nail to grow too closely to the skin and result in an ingrown toenail. Injuries to the toes or feet are sometimes associated with the development of ingrown toenails. Fungal infections on the feet can also lead to the development of ingrown toenails. Other causes include heredity and wearing tight socks or shoes. Additionally, ingrown toenails can also develop when the nails are given rounded edges when being trimmed.

Treating Ingrown Toenails

There are steps that can be taken to prevent the development of ingrown toenails. They are best prevented by wearing loose-fitting socks and shoes, trimming the toenails straight across rather than giving them rounded edges, and keeping the feet clean and free of infection. If an ingrown toenail does develop, several options are available for treating it. An Edison podiatrist could determine which treatment method is most suitable. Treatment methods include:

  • Pain relief medications
  • Antibiotics in the case of an infection
  • Soaking the feet in warm water
  • Wearing loose-fitting footwear
  • Surgical removal of the toenail

Help is available if you have an ingrown toenail. Your Edison podiatrist, Dr. Roche, can help. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Roche, call Roche Podiatry Group at (908) 753-0500 for the Edison, NJ, office or at (732) 636-8500 for the Woodbridge, NJ, office.