By Roche Podiatry Group
March 27, 2020
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Ingrown Toenails  

Find out the best ways to keep this painful foot problem from happening to you.

The weather is warming up, but before we start sporting sandals, we need to take a look at the state of our feet. You may be dealing with cracked, dry skin and perhaps some snaggled toenails or even an ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails aren’t just unsightly, they can also be mighty painful.

Fortunately, our foot doctor in Woodbridge and Edison, NJ, Dr. Daniel Roche, can provide your feet with the proper care they need. Here are also some simple ways to prevent an ingrown toenail, but if you feel that you may have one already, give our office a call.

Trim Nails Properly

There is an art form to how you trim your nails, and how you are trimming them right now could be increasing your risk for ingrown toenails. For instance, you should never trim your nails at a curve, and instead, trim them straight across. You should also be careful not to trim nails too short; your nails should line up with the tips of your toes.

Wear Properly Fitted Shoes

Shoes that are too tight can bunch up toes, put pressure on the toenails, and cause an ingrown toenail to form. Since feet swell throughout the day, the best time to go shoe shopping is in the afternoon. Make sure you have someone measure your feet to make sure that the shoes you purchase fit properly from the very start; don’t purchase shoes in the hopes of breaking them in.

When to See a Doctor

While home care is usually all that’s needed to treat an ingrown toenail, there are scenarios in which you should turn to a qualified foot doctor here in Woodbridge, NJ:

  • If you have diabetes and suspect that you might have an ingrown toenail it’s important that you see a qualified medical professional right away for treatment. Do not try and treat the problem yourself. We can provide you with the care that your diabetic feet need to prevent complications.
  • If you are noticing signs of infection, including severe or worsening pain, widespread redness, and pus.

Concerned? Give Us a Call

If you are dealing with an ingrown toenail that isn’t responding to home care or may be showing signs of infection, it’s important that you see a foot doctor right away. With offices in Woodbridge and Edison, NJ, Roche Podiatry Group makes it easy for patients to get immediate care. Schedule an appointment by calling (908) 753-0500 for Edison or (732) 636-8500 for Woodbridge.