By Roche Podiatry Group
April 07, 2017
Category: Treatment Options
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Toenail fungus is an infection of the toenails and affects about half of Americans by the time they turn 70. With the help of Dr. Daniel ttoenail fungusRoche from Roche Podiatry Group in Woodbridge and Edison, NJ, your toenail fungus can be successfully treated.

Treating Toenail Fungus

Some of the most common symptoms of toenail fungus include yellowing, thickening or weakening of the nail, swelling, streaks down the side of the nail or complete loss of the nail itself. The cause of your toenail fungus will vary. Whether passed along from someone you know, from damp areas such as pools or public gyms or simply from ill-fitting shoes, treating your toenail fungus is important.

Prevention is important when it comes to toenail fungus. Taking care of your feet after treatment is especially imperative too. You should always wear protective shoes or sandals in public showers to block fungus from the feet. Avoid sharing socks, towels or shoes with someone. Wash your feet regularly too and dry them thoroughly as fungus loves moist areas. Keep the nails trimmed regularly too. Diabetic patients should also be especially careful in these situations. If they suspect they were exposed to fungus, they must schedule an appointment immediately with a podiatrist.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t always catch toenail fungus before it develops. This makes finding a professional such as Dr. Roche important. If you suspect that you have toenail fungus, call Roche Podiatry Group with locations in Edison, NJ and Woodbridge, NJ to schedule an appointment. Dr. Roche can properly diagnose and treat your toenail issue and offer you helpful tips to prevent it from occurring again.