Toenail Fungus


Eliminate Toenail Fungus for Summer Ready Feet!

With summer rapidly approaching, you may be planning your next vacation or trip to the beach.  However, are your feet ready to be shown off this summer on the beach or wearing your favorite pair of sandals?  If your answer is no, maybe you need a trip to your podiatrist in Edison and Woodbridge, NJ for further diagnosis and treatment.  After months of wearing shoes and socks, toenail fungus may go unnoticed or cared for.  In order to get your feet beach ready for the summer, treat your toenail fungus and further prevent it from recurring with help from your Edison and Woodbridge, NJ podiatrist.

What is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is an infection of the toenails by a fungus.  Your body normally hosts a variety of bacteria and fungi.  Some of these bacteria and fungi are useful to the body, while others may multiply quickly to form infections.  Also known as Onychomycosis, toenail fungus affects about half of Americans by the age of 70.  It is relatively rare in children, but the incidence increases with age.  Some symptoms of toenail fungus include:

  • Swelling
  • Yellowing, thickening or crumbling of your nail
  • Streaks or spots down the side
  • Complete loss of the nail

If you have toenail fungus, your toenail fungus can range from brown or yellow to white, which is never how you want your toenails to look while soaking up the sun and enjoying the beach.  

Toenail Fungus in Edison and Woodbridge, NJ

How Did I get Toenail Fungus?

Sometimes you may not know the exact cause for your toenail fungus as it can be picked up in numerous ways.  For one, toenail fungus can be picked up in damp areas such as public gyms, shower stalls or swimming pools.  Once it is picked up it can be passed among family members, causing a vicious circle.  Athletes and people who wear tight-fitting shoes or tight hosiery that cause trauma to the toes or keep the feet from drying out are at a higher risk for developing toenail fungus.  You can also spread this condition from one toe to another, or to other parts of the body.

Abnormal PH levels of the skin, not properly drying off your feet after a shower or exercise, and a compromised immune system can also increase your chances of developing toenail fungus.  Even more so, diabetics have an increased risk of contracting a toenail fungus because their immune system is compromised. 

Proper Prevention is Key

If you do not have toenail fungus, it is important to take extra care of your feet with proper preventative measures to ensure you do not develop this embarrassing condition.  It helps to wear protective shoes or sandals in public showers, pool areas and gyms in order to block your feet from picking up toenail fungus.  It is also very important to avoid borrowing someone else’s shoes or sharing socks or towels with someone who has toenail fungus. 

Be sure to wash your feet regularly, and dry them thoroughly when they do get wet to ensure that toenail fungus does not develop from the moist, dark areas of your feet.  Wearing nail polish on the toes is not advised because it can seal in fungus and allow it to grow.  Keep your toenails trimmed, and be sure to disinfect any pedicure tools before you begin using them to ensure the health of your toenails. 

Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t always catch toenail fungus before it develops.  If you do develop toenail fungus, contact your podiatrist in Edison and Woodbridge, NJ.  Your podiatrist can properly diagnose and treat your toenail fungus, as well as offer you helpful tips to prevent it from developing again.